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How To Get Many Referrals Daily On TBD Income Program (part 2)

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This is the continuation of my piece on how to get referrals daily. In the first part of this piece, I emphasized on how to get much referrals through Facebook manual advert. You can click on PART 1 if you haven't read the post

If you want to EARN, you must be ready to LEARN. Don't be lazy when it comes to reading if you wish to become a guru on this cyberspace

In this part, I will unveil other platforms you can utilise to get referrals daily and also tell you the best way to approach your prospects or potential clients!

Advertising your business is very good but how you present your business to prospects determine whether they will join/patronize you or not

If you focus much on copy and paste method of business presentation, you won't get much results. You need to present your business in an outstanding manner in order to get an outstanding result. 


Prospect: Hi! I saw your advert on Facebook and I wish to know more about the business

You: Welcome. TBD Income Program is ....... 


That is awful. The method above is for novice. You will get a very low conversion rate with that approach. Below is a better WhatsApp approach ?


Buhari: I saw your advert on Facebook and I wish to know more


Egu Chris: Welcome sir. Glad to have you here. May I know your name please, so I can save your contact. 


Buhari: My name is Buhari


Egu Chris: Contact saved! Kindly save my contact as Egu Chris sir


This welcome pattern of saving contact  is strictly for those that normally advertise with their WhatsApp link instead of WhatsApp number. If you advertise with your WhatsApp link, the person needs to save your contact in order to view your WhatsApp status. Any WhatsApp status viewer is an asset ✍️


Having known that, let's proceed! 


Egu Chris: Actually, the platform is a community like Facebook where members get paid weekly for doing the same things they do on Facebook. Things like sharing posts, commenting, posting and other things. You also get paid anytime you bring someone to the community. Bringing people to the platform is completely optional but lucrative. 


How to continue with the presentation depends on whether you have benefited from the business or not, if you have earned and cashed out, continue this way?


Egu Chris: Initially, I thought the business was a scam but I gave it a try and I have been paid thrice, below is the evidence of payment ??

You will drop the proof of the credit alerts you have received via TBD Income Program


But if you haven't been paid before, you can continue this way?

Egu Chris: Due to the fact that there are many fraudulent platforms online, I had to indulge in series of investigative research before joining. I joined after discovering that the business is 100%  real and guaranteed. I never regretted joining and I'm very sure you will enjoy the business. 


After that, you can now drop how it works for the prospect and I'm very sure he/she will ask you how to join.

You can devise a more convincing approach that is better than the illustration above. Don't sound too desperate, you need to sound as if you are helping the prospect. Don't introduce business to people as if you are begging them to join, introduce it to them as if you wanna employ them


Having discussed the best approach of presenting TBD Income Program to prospects, let me show you how to get more referrals apart from Facebook and WhatsApp publicity


1. Quora.com

TBD Income Program is already being searched massively on Google and this is the best time to get much referrals by asking and answering questions on quora. In 2018, I got over 100 referrals  in an affiliate program within 10 days by  asking and answering questions about the affiliate program on quora

People who are on quora will see your questions & answers and Google will  crawl your question and answer if you give a well detailed answer/explanation including how the business works.

You can ask questions like

Is TBD Income Program A Scam?

Is TBD Income Program Real? 

What is TBD Income Program? 

How To Make Money On TBD Income Program? 

Who Is The Brain Behind TBD Income Program? 

Why You Must Join TBD Income?

Can I Make Money Daily On TBD Income Program? And other interesting questions


Immediately after asking any of the questions above, kindly give a reasonable answer and include how it works plus your WhatsApp link or blog link or phone number in order for those who are interested to contact you. Don't use poor English structure. Compose your answer in a professional way. You can search more on Google to see how to get much referrals via quora.com

2. Nairaland.com

Nairaland forum is the biggest online community in Nigeria and one of the most visited sites in Nigeria. If you understand nairaland very well, you could make millions from there just by  promoting your business legally. There are over 1 million active users on nairaland but if you don't abide by nairaland rules, you might get frustration instead of the money you are looking for, LOL

If you have an active account on nairaland, use it to get referrals on TBD Income Program just by strategically advertising your business in the right way and on the right section.

If you don't have an account on nairaland, create an account there, then spend some weeks on the forum studying the community and its rules, comment and follow topics, don't be too quick to post or create topic yet. You need to study the forum and understand it first! In fact, new accounts can't create topics, so you have to spend at least 2 weeks to study and understand the forum before rushing to advertise your business. 


Here are tips you can use on nairaland

Put your WhatsApp number on your nairaland signature, your signature is just like the Facebook bio on your profile. Anytime you advertise, tell people to contact you using the WhatsApp number on your signature.

Don't add affiliate links while creating any topic or post on nairaland. Don't advertise as if you are promoting a Ponzi scheme. Advertise as if you are promoting a personal business that is very reliable and lucrative

Add more proof of payments after creating your topic

Topics like; How I Made N3000 Today Using My Mobile Phone and other attractive topics. You can be getting 10  referrals daily from nairaland if you adopt a very good strategy. 


Oh! I have written a very long write up o

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