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How To Get Many Referrals Daily On TBD Income Program

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As part of my plan to ensure all members of TBD Income program cash-out not less than 25k weekly, I have decided to start giving out tips on how you can refer many people daily. Just calm down and follow carefully, it will help you!

90% of our participants won't benefit from this kind gesture if I decide to epitomize professionalism by going into full details; so I would make every bit of this article simple and concise

There are many ways and different strategies you can adopt to refer many people daily but kindly permit me to  emphasize on the ones I have personally tested.

1. Using Facebook Manual Promotion Method

Let me quickly confess to you that I made my first 1 million naira some years ago by strategically promoting my business on Facebook.

Some folks have made millions of naira by relentlessly advertising their businesses on Facebook and that is simply because of the fact that Facebook is a home to over 2 billion people globally and it houses over 50 million Nigerians currently.

If you haven't made up to a million naira by advertising on Facebook, then it is time to make your first 1 million naira from Facebook Manual Ad as a member of TBD Income Program; just follow my tips and devise more tactics to improve beyond my scale of tutorship.

Oh! I promised to make this article very short and I'm already prolonging it; ouch! Egu Chrissssssss

The wisest thing to do while advertising on Facebook is to ensure you grow your WhatsApp audience in the process

Here Is How To Take Advantage Of Facebook In Order To Get Much Referrals ?

1. Join up to 20 active Facebook business groups with at least 50,000 members 

2. Post proficiently in those groups (at most 10 out of all the groups) You have to do this consistently and persistently because result doesn't show instantly, it is a gradual process.

The truth is that; most people are in many  Facebook groups where they can even refer up to 2,000 people yearly but their poor mode of advertising and engaging prospects makes it impossible for them to triumph in the realm of referring!

The way you advertise and present your business to people matters a lot and it determines your conversion rate.

When you advertise like a novice, you might keep posting for a year without getting an ant as referral. You ought to advertise like an expert and behave like a professional

You can look for a payment proof with high amount or an attractive picture and post it with an attractive caption

                  Use caption like this ?

"I want to teach 50 people how to make at least N3,000 daily with their mobile phone. Call/WhatsApp ? 0706243...... to learn more or drop your WhatsApp number for more details"
                    Another caption ?

"What if I show you how to make at least N2000 daily using your mobile phone?
WhatsApp me on 0706243... For full details or click on wa.me/234706243... to message me on WhatsApp"

                      Another one ?

"I get paid daily for doing the same thing I do on Facebook, contact me on WhatsApp ? 080213... let me show you how to get started"

                   Another one?

"Do you have an Android phone?
An active email address?
A valid phone number?
If yes, let me show you how to earn at least N3,000 daily"


You can compose any attractive write up and post it with a catchy banner or picture in different Facebook business groups to get referrals. Once anyone send you a message on WhatsApp, ensure you save his/her contact and tell the person to save yours too. It is a way of having much WhatsApp status views.

This article is already long o. Let me drop some Facebook business group links you ought to join, join all  and look for more groups to join and advertise freely!



2. Market and Sell


3.Nigeria Online Business Centre Rebranded






6. Ibadan Business Opportunities


7. Advertise your products and services




9. Abuja Market-Online Business Advertisment




There are other groups that are even more better than the aforementioned ones, look for them and join, then  advertise to get more referrals and also to boost your WhatsApp audience.

Don't post aggressively to avoid being banned, do it proficiently and maturely.

This is the end of part 1. On my next post,  I will drop tip number 2 and also explain how you can present the business to prospects and win them without stress

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