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    Date: September 21, 2020, 4:44 pm

Finally! The Traditional Cure To Coronavirus

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It is no longer news that coronavirus (Covid-19) has made a name for itself within the space of a month.

The professed deadly virus erupted from China and spread horrifically to Italy, the Us, Iran, Dubai and recently in Nigeria!


There is hardly any headline without the recognition of the virus.

Several philosophies has graced the light to ascertain the possible cure to this virus, but all has only served as a prevention theory.


The world is probably in quarantine as all businesses, schools airport and sociality has been shut down!

Top football players has not been spared from this disease, in fact, all sports activities have been suspended indefinitely. Businesses are being shut down all because of this pandemic disease

Several claims has been listed on how to prevent the virus, some of which are regular use of sanitizers, face mask, avoiding public gathering and the rest of it.


But the point is, no cure has been developed except the regular prevention methods.


Meanwhile, there is recent update on how to cure the virus. The virus is said to linger in the throat for four days, thereby causing irritation, dryness and severe cough. Within this period a native Wushan doctor has discovered that mashed GARLIC in warm water can utterly kill the virus while it lingers in the throat. 


Raw garlic has been proven traditionally and scientifically to have strong antiviral and antibacterial properties. It has been known since ancient times as an effective killer of viruses and bacteria. Garlic can prevent infection inside and outside the body. 


Many persons have developed phobia towards this potent medicine as a result of its offensive odour but defying its odour in this calamitous season could be a wise decision. 




Not just garlic, but also salt and warm water as the virus can only survive long in a cold environment.


Within this period it is advised that the infected person avoids cold drinks and cold environment to maintain the temperature harsh enough to kill the virus.




However, this theory has not been officially confirmed to be a cure to coronavirus, but it is worth a shot.

Below is a powerful testimony from an American woman named Hannah about the power of garlic, click on the link below to read



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